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The inspiring journey of a Jamaican fashion enthusiast who, in 1996, Embarked on a pursuit of designer-quality fashion from the vibrant streets of Montego Bay ,Despite his undeniable talent and passion, his dream were put on hold as he dedicated himself to providing for his family, eventually making the difficult decision to flee to the United States in search for a better life.


However, fate had a different plan in store. Despite the sacrifices he made, his son Ray  , was born with an innate flair for fashion, showcasing his impeccable sense of style by effortlessly coordinating outfits from the tender age of 3.By the time he turned 7, ray was already designing his own stunning apparel creations, His mother a talented seamstress, Teaching her son the art of sewing she always told him "A man should have a skill it will save his life", Rays passion for fashion combined with his mother guidance in honing his sewing skills set the foundation of breathing life into his fathers' differed dreams. 


Ray's unique style made him stand out wherever he went, often leading to misunderstandings and fights. However, once people got to know him, they grew to appreciate and love his creative expression.


Unfortunately, Ray's path took a wrong turn when he became involved in trouble outside of home and school, leading him astray by the age of 14. Despite his love for clothes, he struggled to find his purpose amidst the chaos. It was during this challenging time that Ray turned his life over to God, who bestowed upon him the talent and opportunity to pursue his dreams.


Ray started his own clothing brand in 2017 after support of fellow peers & family, But due to a lack of understanding about the business side of things, the brand eventually went out of business. Heartbroken, Ray decided to take a job selling cars, temporarily setting aside his dream. However, one day, a woman looked at him and told him a powerful truth: "God will give you a talent that you must use, and if you don't use it, He will take it from you." These words resonated deeply with Ray, reminding him of his true calling.


Determined to stay focused this time, Ray revamped his brand in 2020. Embracing the lessons, he had learned and armed with newfound determination, he set out to create a clothing line that reflects his unique style and passion for fashion. Ray's story is a testament to resilience, faith, and the pursuit of one's dreams against all odds. Explore his brand and join him on his journey as he brings his vision to life.


 RIK'ANTHONY stems from a French, Island, Take on American culture and Subculture it consolidates an appreciation for Luxury fabric and a delight for Fabric with a tendency for using Fashion as a recognition and Cultural signifiers.

 Rik is essentially a Gift extended to the world, with a real soul backing it.  With each garment, we strive to repurpose and merge Vintage and modern styles with a passionate touch, that which in will inspire into something beyond, Magnificent = impressively beautiful, elaborate, or extravagant, striking.


  As of 2023 RIK'ANTHONY Is based in Miami, currently directed by Private influencer Ray Ricketts & Saffron Lyons